Sessions Raven clock

Sessions clock
Ebony in colour and very attractive for it’s day

I acquired my Sessions Raven clock about a year ago. It had been worked on by someone knowledgeable about clocks and came to me in very good condition, obviously dis-assembled, oiled, tested and with a reconditioned case. Curiously it came with a set of instructions from the fellow who worked on it.

Sessions mantle clock (12)
Detailed operating instructions

I suppose he wanted to ensure that it went to a good home. And it did! Other than the fact that it came with no label, which is always a concern when buying antique clocks, everything else seemed to be in order. According to Tran’s book (the foremost authority on American clocks) the clock is from the 1920’s. It is a time and strike clock with a bell on the half hour and strike rods on the hour. I suspect it is called the Raven because of it’s colour. It is a deep ebony colour, very striking, actually.

Sessions mantle clock (17)
Time and strike movement showing the bell

The Sessions clock company arose from the E. N Welch clock company in the early 1900s and at one time it was one of the most recognized American clock manufacturers. Alas, like many other clock companies it struggled to survive with the advent of the electric clock but it lingered on well into the 1960s whereupon the company was eventually forced into liquidation (1969). A sad end indeed!

My clock occupies an important centerpiece in my family room. Sessions mantle clock (11)

It is simple in design, reflects the style of the period and fits in nicely to any room decor.