Converted Daniel Dakota
Daniel Dakota quartz conversion

No serious collector would admit that they have a Daniel Dakota wall clock in their collection. I have two. One was converted to quartz and I am fine with that. You can see by the photo that after the conversion it actually looks quite attractive.

I got this clock for nothing, pulled out the movement because it was said to be “broken”, had the quartz movement installed only to find out later that minor adjustments were all that were needed to put the original movement right. Well, one adjustment was not so minor. Someone tried to wind the clock in the wrong direction using a pair of pliers and popped the spring out. Luckily the spring was fine and it was easy enough to fit it back in but now I have a working movement with no case.

When I received the clock I took off some tacky plastic trim, added a couple of rosettes, re-stained damaged sections of the case, cleaned the glass and the results are truly amazing. The quartz movement is a Westminster / Whittington chime with auto night shut off. Although many quartz movements are around the $10 range this was over $130 which surprised me at the time. I did a  little internet surfing and found that some of these quartz movements are pricey indeed especially when one add chimes, a pendulum and so on.

Barrel separated from gear

Bottom line, the quartz clock sounds fantastic and I have no regrets.

Daniel Dakota #1

My other Daniel Dakota is in the midst of a good cleaning and undergoing some slight adjustments as I write. You can see from the photo that it is missing a bottom trim piece. I believe that the bottom piece was taken off at some point in its life so that it could sit on a mantel. The next photo shows a  similar clock with the bottom piece in place.

Daniel Dakota mechaincal clock
Not my clock but one like it
Simple but reliable movement

These Chinese movements are not made to the same tolerances as a German or American movements for instance but they have an amazing ability to keep on ticking because the manufacturer genuinely surmised that they would never be serviced. Once cleaned and oiled they will last for years.

So, the next time you hear someone criticize Daniel Dakota clocks remind them that they are indeed cheap and can be picked up for a song but they are amazingly reliable.

Late note: All back together and hanging on my wall. The only difference, much quieter than before.