Blackforest Shelf Clock Progress

I have dis-assembled this clock twice. After the first dis-assembly I cleaned and oiled it, found everything to be in order but once I assembled it, bench-tested it to find everything seemingly correct and set the beat  it would not run more that 5 to 10 minutes at a time. When it stopped it seemed to catch on the escape wheel.

Shown with back plate off

It is now stripped down again. No need to have as through a cleaning as the first go-around but now is the time to investigate other factors. It is a pretty simple clock as the photo shows.

Escape wheel showing worn teeth

What I see right away is the escape wheel teeth and how some are hooked or misshapened. My temptation is to file it down but others are suggesting that I use pliers to press the hooks back into shape. I have’t decided what to do just yet.

Others have suggested that I put more weight on the pendulum which I am reluctant to do since this clock was likely designed to run on a light bob.

The pendulum showing the twist adjustment for speed regulation

Now back to further investigation.

Late note: I finally got this clock to work after taking it apart twice. The second time I concentrated on the pivots discovering the at least 2 had enough rust that them that they may have slowed the clock down. I also took a burr off the escape wheel but in the process damaged the escape wheel a little, so that while the clock runs there is a little clunking sound once with each rotation, but it works and keeps time! Live and learn.