Kienzle World Time clock – a second look

Kienzle World Time clock
Kienzle World Time clock

I put a quick article together on my newly acquired modern Art Deco brass Kienzle World desk clock in August and with only one photo in my post I really did not do this fine looking timepiece any justice. I hope the following  photos will show that this clock really impresses. As I mentioned in my last post regarding this clock, this is one of many clocks conceived by renounced German designer Heinrich Moeller. Moeller, who was trained as a cabinet maker, began working with Kienzle as chief designer in 1931 and through to about 1970.

On display
On display with Ingraham Huron

This vintage clock is from the period 1950 to 1960 judging from the many offerings on EBay. I noticed that this style is occasionally advertised as a 1960s clock but judging from others I have seen I am fairly confident that this is from 1950 give or take a year. This style seems to be the most desirable of the series. Later ones had quartz movements and were in less demand, judging from the lower prices. The weight is very substantial and it measures 13 and 3/4″H X 10″W X,  2 and 1/2″D.

Back of Kienzle clock
Back showing winding key, speed adjustment access port and time adjustment knob
Brass bezel

This clock is in excellent condition with minimal wear and tarnish. In fact, observe the front and side views for an appreciation of the pristine condition of this clock.  The case was grimy as one might expect and a little polish brought up the finish very nicely.

Quite often small parts are missing in clocks such as this, for example, the time adjustment knob or the cover for the speed control needle. In this case  everything is completely intact. It is in very good working order and will run for a full 8 days.

Brass base
Decorative brass base

Will I service it? I am not sure. According to comments on the NAWCC message board some members have not had much luck working with this clock. Given that it seems to have had minimal wear and tear it may not have had a lot of use over the years so it might be wise to leave well enough alone, for now. I would like to oil it, however!

Winding crank
Winding crank
Time sequencer
Aperture for the 24-hour day and night indication

I am very pleased with this acquisition. The clock is certainly a singular work of elegance, magnificence, style and a stand-out in any room.

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