RSa GB movement in no weights (1)
Gustav Becker with Braunau movement

As you know from reading my last post concerning this fine timepiece I am appealing to anyone who knows anything about these particular clocks to assist me in finding a critical part for the strike side. The part is called the “star wheel / snail”. Without it the strike side will not function. The time side will happily run without it.

The photo that follows is a movement with the star wheel intact (my apologies, it is a grab from EBay). Look closely towards the bottom just off centre you will see a wheel shaped like a star with a snail type assembly on top, hence the name. That is the one I am missing. Why it was taken off my clock movement is a mystery to me but it is what it is. A couple of guesses; someone did not want the clock to strike for whatever reason or two, it was a donor clock for another.

If you look closely in the next photo towards the bottom centre it shows my clock without the star wheel. Both of these are Braunau movements.

Showing the star wheel and snail which are one piece


My clock showing missing star wheel and snail


Gustav Becker clocks of that era were essentially made in two factories, the Frieberg Works and the later Braunau Works.  My clock is from the Braunau factory. The star wheel must be from a Braunau clock as the design of that wheel was slightly different than ones from Silesia clocks.

If you know of a source or you happen to have one lying around (LOL) please email me.

Oh, and one more thing. If you happen to know the size suspension spring I need that would be great.  I am missing that too.

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Pendulum rod near suspension spring mount. The strike rod is just to the left

There is no prize for assisting me but if you do I will give you digital hug!

Thanks for reading my blog.