Clock Repair Tools

RS Brandon
Arthur Pequegnat Brandon time only wall clock

It is time to buy the tools I need for clock repair. I have begun the process in that I already have a number of basic tools to get me started; pliers, letdown chucks, screwdrivers etc.

However, my first significant tool is an Ollie Baker Mainspring Winder which arrived from the USA today. It is pictured here. The Ollie Baker comes with an assortment of collars for every size of mainspring.

Ollie baker spring winder
Ollie Baker mainspring winder

The spring winder will enable me to inspect, clean and re-install barreled or open springs on the clocks I will be servicing.  My first impression is that it is a robust and well machined tool that I know will give me years of service. It is said that the first and most important tool for clock repair enthusiasts is the spring-winder.

I also ordered bushing kit #5488 from Perrin Clock Parts today which will enable me to have the bushings I need in order to use the Bergeon Bushing Machine that I will purchase later on this year. The Bergeon Bushing tool is “Swiss made” (whatever that means today). In every clock due to considerable wear the plates have to be bushed from time to time. This tool allows the bushing of plates of various sizes. The kit includes driving punches, centering bit, stakes and reamers.  I can bush by hand which some folks do by using appropriate reamers and files but I know that a bushing machine is the way to go for me. The first photo shows a clock movement that I had professionally bushed. It required 5 bushings in all in addition to cleaning and oiling and it runs very well.

With the tools I need I can progress more seriously into this most interesting hobby.




8 thoughts on “Clock Repair Tools

    1. I live in a small town and sources for parts and pieces for the Joe Collins winder was an issue so I opted for the Ollie Baker instead. I dd seriously consider Joe Collins’s design though.

      I’ll take a look at your FB page.

      WordPress is free and it is easy to both post and organize my files.


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