Maple Leaf clock is sent off for repairs

RS Complete so far and on display (1)
The case is about 90% restored

December 18th marks the day that my Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf fan-top is off to repair.

Sadly this is a repair that I cannot perform myself at this stage of my learning. The problem is essentially a clutch plate off the centre arbor that is not engaging the gear for the strike side. The result is that the hour and minute hand do not move at all thus the centre arbor is quite loose. In the meantime I might as well have some bushing work and a thorough cleaning done.

Typically gingerbread clocks go for almost nothing on the for-sale sites. The fact that this is a Pequegnat means something special however and in my view it is worth preserving for years to come.

Here is the problem area.

view of the clutch cup on the centre arbour
Clutch cup is loose

Although it is difficult to visualize from this photo, the cup clutch plate is very loose and needs to be reattached to allow a firm connection to the gear beneath. As such I am prepared to put a little money into this clock and keep it in my collection.