How to remove a 30 hour clock movement from its case and one important note

In the process of adjusting the strike side on a George H Clark 30 hour clock I decided to make a video showing how to remove and install a 30-hour movement from its case.

George H. Clark 30 hour movement
George H. Clark 30 hour movement before servicing

Part of the video concerns the adjustments required for the clock to run correctly but also shows steps required to safely remove and install a 30 hour movement with a couple of worthwhile tips.

IMPORTANT: In the video I did not include the fact that the two holes in the movement seat board are access points for pins that insert into the side support boards. Along with the top block they are intended to secure the movement in place. I have five Ogee clocks and none of them had pins when I received them. Inspect the movement mounting first. If you should have a clock with the pins they must be pulled before the movement slides out. (Thank you for pointing this out JC).

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