Ansonia Crystal Regulator clock

While browsing through an antique shop in Bloomfield, Ontario my wife spotted an antique glass cased brass time and strike American made Crystal Regulator with open Brocot escapement made by Ansonia. In the 1905 Ansonia Crystal Regulator catalogue it is listed as the Prism at a price of $29.00 which would have been a hefty sum at that time.

Ansonia four glass crystal regulator, after a cleaning

My wife has a good eye for these things. In the meantime, I was looking over the wide selection of Arthur Pequegnat wall and mantel clocks.

What is an American Crystal Regulator?

American crystal regulars were almost exact copies of French regulators complete with stylistic gong block, visible Brocot escapements, round movement plates and beveled glass panels. The French clocks were highly regarded at the time, often had mercury pendulums and were made by Japy, Marti, Vincenti and Mougin. American makers included Ansonia and Seth Thomas. American clocks often had faux pendulums which were commonly slugs of nickel. Though lesser in quality and price they are, nevertheless, quite collectable.

This is a faux pendulum; mercury flows, the metal in this pendulum does not flow

Clock condition

The four glass panels are in very good condition. There is a small corner chip on one glass panel that I noticed several days after purchasing the clock but it is not visible from the front of the clock.

Side view of the movement

The glass was likely damaged when the clock was serviced. Otherwise, the overall condition of the clock is good. The brass was tarnished as expected given its age (1910 or so) and with the help of Brasso cleaner it polished up nicely.

Dial showing Brocot escapement

However, a gentle push of the pendulum produces a few ticks and then it stops. I am not familiar with Brocot escapements and before I do anything I will research the movement before I disassemble it and give it a thorough cleaning.

I will detail the servicing of this movement in a future post.

6 thoughts on “Ansonia Crystal Regulator clock

  1. I recently purchased 23 crystal regulators. You are correct. They are indeed very beautiful clocks. In addition to Ansonia and Seth Thomas, makers included New Haven, Waterbury and Gilbert. They are tedious to work on, especially if one disassembles the entire case to polish the brass.

    I enjoy your posts, and look forward to seeing them.


    1. Thanks for your comments. I have not had much experience with crystal regulators, so, I will defer to your knowledge. I intend to service the Ansonia in January as my dear wife would like to see it running.



      1. Nice to hear from you. If you run into any issues don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll try to assist if I can.


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