My collection of Arthur Pequegnat clocks

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There are a fair number of Canadian clock enthusiasts that have various sized collections of Pequegnat clocks. Skip Kerr‘s extensive collection immediately comes to mind.

Although my collection is modest by comparison with just eight Arthur Pequegnat Canadian-made clocks they cover a range of models from kitchen to wall clocks.

The Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company was in business in Berlin, later renamed, Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) from 1904 to about 1941. Pequegnat clocks are well known among Canadian Clock collectors. Many are still running today and they can be easily found on local and national online for-sale sites and you might even find them on the northern border states of the US.

Here they are; I will let the captioned photos speak for themselves.

Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf kitchen clock, otherwise known as the “Fan top”
Restored Athur Pequegnat Bedford mantel clock
Arthur Pequegnat Bedford mantel clock (variant with larger dial)
Arthur Pequegnat Simcoe mantel clock
Arthur Pequegnat Simcoe mantel clock, Berlin period
Arthur Pequegnat Canadian Time (time-only) wall clock
Arthur Pequegnat Brandon (second version)
Arthur Pequegnat Canuck kitchen clock (otherwise known as a gingerbread clock)
Arthur Pequegnat Kitchen clock, Maple Leaf, otherwise known among collectors as the “pointed top”
Arthur Pequegnat Moncton, double spring time-only 15-day clock, post-Berlin (after 1917)

My journey goes on as I continue to purchase Pequegnat clocks adding them to my collection. I have yet to secure a tambour style clock and a Regulator #1 is certainly on the top of my list.

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    1. Thanks. I am currently on the hunt for a Pequegnat hall clock. There are couple of others, a King Edward certainly, and the #1 that I would also like to have.


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