Fleet Time Company of Montreal – Westminster chime mantel clock

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Here we have a nondescript mantel clock from the Fleet time Company of Montreal. This little known Canadian clock company had a short life between the years 1936 and 1940 producing a range of two and three-train mantel clocks with movements sourced from Germany. All clocks had pendulums and were spring-driven. According to business records, the company was listed as an importer of clocks and watches. The locations were 440 McGill and then 303 St. Paul West, Montreal (Canada).

The Second World War took a heavy toll on this company as the source of movements dried up and so the future prospects of this small company (information obtained from the Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River Ontario). One wonders why they did not diversify and source movements from France and Germany like the Forestville Clock Co. of Toronto during the war years.

Wood cases were made in Canada for some models while other cabinets were imported from Germany.

Gufa chime movement

This clock has a Gufa movement and one can assume most of their 3-train clocks had this movement although some movements are marked “Foreign”. Gufa is the Guetenbacher Uhrenfabrik, located in Gütenbach, Germany. They manufactured 400-day clocks and cuckoo-clocks and later they became the “Jahresuhrenfabrik” (August Schatz & Sons in Triberg, Germany).

Battered company plate, simply says “Fleet Clocks”
Close-up of foil plaque

The movement does not work because the time side mainspring is broken. The case is in bad shape and I am not sure how I will proceed but it is beyond simply cleaning, touching up and polishing. At this point, the only option is stripping. I am always reluctant to strip the finish from an old clock unless it is the only option. In any event, the case will be a late spring (2020) project.

The case needs a lot of work

This is another Canadian clock added to my clock collection although the fact that it was assembled and sold on Canadian soil is its only real qualification.