Arthur Pequegnat Regulator #1

My kids stress every year over what to get dad for Christmas. They know that I am an avid antique clock collector and they know that I love to restore and repair antique and vintage clocks. They always ask, “Is there anything he needs”. I have all the tools I need and certainly all the clocks that I want. The fact that they think about it pleases me.

However, it is the little things I always appreciate in my Christmas stocking. Kids, if you want to give me something put a new pair of cloth gloves, a box of toothpicks, cotton swabs, or a paintbrush in my Christmas stocking so I know that you are thinking of me.

Sure, I would love to have that elusive Martin Cheney wall clock or the pride of the Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company, the Regulator #1 but even if they find that special clock for me it would spoil my personal journey to find that special clock.

Christmas is a time of joy, not of giving, unless the giving is in the form of love and appreciation for friends, family and colleagues.

So, if you are looking for that special gift for the clock lover in your family remember the simple things.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.