Ansonia Extra Drop wall clock – moving ahead with repairs

Ansonia Extra short drop wall clock
Ansonia Extra short drop wall clock in as-found condition
The photos tell the story

Some time ago I wrote an article on an Ansonia barn find. It is an Ansonia Extra Drop time-only Rosewood veneered wall clock, circa 1880. I thought I would update readers on how this little project is progressing. I was able to find most of the parts but there are still some missing. I will let the photos tell the story.

It did not look like it would ever run again
It did not look like it would ever run again
Siezed time-only movement
Before shot of the seized time-only movement
Cleaned up time only movement
Cleaned and serviced one-train time-only movement
Ansonia movement in case
Ansonia movement in the case and running an 8-day full cycle

The movement was cleaned up with 4 bushings installed and is now able to run a full 8-day cycle. The case received attention with glue repairs, a new backboard, new right finial and a re-lacquering of the veneer surface. The veneer was in good condition and required very minor repairs.

Dial with minor losses, At this point is test fit with the wood bezel
Dial with minor losses
Touched up dial, mounted in case
The dial has been touched up and mounted in the case

Addressing the paint loss on the dial was a challenge. I played with various shades and mixed colours that were a close match to the original. The result is better than it was. The glass fits into a slot on the wood bezel and the fit was surprisingly tight. Had I known I would have glued the bezel pieces with the glass in place. Lesson learned!

I am still missing the drop access door plus its reverse painted glass and the brass bezel that surrounds the dial face. I will make the door but will leave that project for another day. My search for the brass bezel continues.

As I progress with this restoration project I will keep the reader up to date with changes.

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