Gustav Becker 2-weight Vienna Regulator – 6 years later

One of my retirement gifts in 2016 was a 2-weight time and strike Gustav Becker wall clock. My wife had thoroughly searched eBay and picked what she determined to be the best gift for me considering a Gustav Becker wall clock had always been on my wish list. It was everything I had hoped for but the clock came with one hiccup and a pretty big one at that.

It was badly damaged in shipment. Finials snapped off, all glass was broken, weights were dented, trim pieces fell off, the brass dial bezel was bent, a bent gathering pallet and the movement was missing critical strike side rack and snail parts. I managed to obtain a few pieces from the seller which was not everything I required and also put in a damage claim with the postal service but received nothing from them.

The main case was largely untouched at least

It was a good learning experience that taught me that one should avoid shipping a clock unless the shipper knows exactly what they are doing.

Where to start? At the time I was not sure how to approach rebuilding the clock. Do I set it aside for a later project or just dive into the deep end and learn as I go?

The original movement from 1902 is missing strike-side parts

I decided to have a go at it. After gluing the parts back on, replacing the glass, sprucing up the case, and sourcing a new movement (the original 1902 movement was replaced with a 1917 movement made in the same Braunau factory) the clock was finally coming together and at the end of the three-month project, it taught me a few things about movement servicing, sourcing of parts and case repair.

My wife took a look at this clock the other day and suggested I write an update. She said that it still looked impressive years after. I put a lot of work into this clock and it appears to have paid off as it still looks great on my living room wall.

Gustav Becker: taken October 2022

So, here it is, six years later.

2 thoughts on “Gustav Becker 2-weight Vienna Regulator – 6 years later

  1. Fabulous work, as ever. I admire your patience and skill with case work. The restored case looks brilliant.


    Ps – apologies for not commenting for so long. I am always an avid reader. Things have been busy here. I am now back to posting reflections on my website. Nowhere near your clocking expertise, but I’m learning, the hard way!


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