Daylight Savings Time – time to say goodbye to the Dark Ages

Daylight Savings Time in Canada begins on March 13th and ends on Nov. 6, 2022.

But, do we really need it! Daylight Savings Time has no place in our modern world. Of 195 countries in the world, approximately 70 countries observe Daylight Saving Time in at least a portion of the country. Japan, India, and China are the only major industrialized countries that do not observe any form of daylight saving.

At 2:00am Sunday, set your clocks behind one hour if you live in an area where the convention is still followed.

Regions that typically use daylight saving time adjust clocks forward one hour close to the start of spring and adjust them backward in the autumn to standard time.

In Canada, we have a little aide-memoire, “Spring ahead, Fall behind” to make it easy to remember what to do twice a year. In Canada, it is the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November.

How to safely adjust your mechanical clock(s)

  • The simplest and safest method is to stop the clock and wait for the correct time, then, restart it,
  • Move the minute hand slowly clockwise to the correct time, stopping briefly for the quarter-hour on chiming clocks and the half-hour for striking clocks. If you have a movement with a rack and snail you can move the minute hand quickly through the hours as rack and snail movements are auto-correcting.
  • Do not move the minute hand backward unless the instructions that come with the clock specifically say that it is safe to do so otherwise, damage to the movement will result. As a general rule, I always advocate moving the hands of any clock forward.

This time change convention is a scourge, it is very wasteful and unnecessary in our modern world.

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