– a new name

From this day onward the new domain for this site is

I have been thinking about name change for some time. My reasons are fourfold, to increase viewership, make my site more accessible using search engines, gain more storage space for my photos and have more creative freedom in the design of the site.

In the months to come I hope you, the reader, will appreciate the changes as I offer more content and features.

There may be some growing pains for the first while as I experiment with new templates so I ask for a little patience as I make the new transition to an improved site.

My email address will continue to be although I will explore the benefits of aligning my email address with the site.

Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “ – a new name

  1. I think sometimes it’s good to make some changes to improve our work. What you do now is good both for the blog’s reputation, and for popularizing the concept of being passionate about something and collecting something. I see that your blog already has 60,000+ hits, so the chosen road is the right one. Good luck with the new domain! Cătălin


  2. I always look forward to reading your blog .change is good,your new name is a step in the right direction,god luck and continued success in bring antique timepieces to the world.


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