What! How does that work again??

This weeks goodwill find. It was 10.00 but it had a blue sticker on blue tag day so it cost 5.00
Unknown mantel clock
Unknown mantel clock

Clock owner posted his excellent find on a popular social media site. Here is the conversation.

  • Person 1, “ Can’t lose at that price. Hermle movement I presume.”
  • Clock owner, “Yes with a quartz battery operated time train. The gong and chime are wind up”.
  • Person 2, “ Cool. What do you mean ?? Pic of movement ?”
  • Person 3, “Yes, how does that work? very curious.”

No answer from clock owner and no photos of movement but there are two arbour holes.

In defense of the seller it could be electro-mechanical as Hermle made a few such clocks in the 1950-60s. Any thoughts or ideas? I think it has been converted.