Aug Schatz & Sohne W3 – help me find a case for this fine movement

W3 refers to the 3 chimes, St Micheal, Whittington and Westminster

This W3 Aug Schatz & Sohne movement is local antique store find for under CAN$20 though it came without a case and chime rods. W3 refers to the three chimes, St Micheal, Whittington and Westminster. The Whittington chime is my favorite.

Aug. Schatz, a German company, are known today for two types of clocks: the Schatz 400-day clock (including the 1000-day clock) and the ships clocks. They are not typically known for shelf or mantel clocks.

The movement has a platform escapement though earlier versions of the W3 came with a pendulum. I believe that this platform escapement has 2 jewels. Later platform escapement had up to 7 jewels. The front and back plates are solid. It has higher quality leaf pinions rather than lantern pinions and there are 8 chiming hammers, three for the hourly strike.

Rear plate
Rear plate

It has been worked on before, perhaps more than once, but it seems to be clean and in very good shape. There are at least 13 new bushings and a newer click spring.

Arrows show new bushings and a newer click spring
Arrows show new bushings and a newer click spring (bottom arrow)
Aug Schatz and Sohne trademark
Aug Schatz and Sohne German trademark showing W3 stamp

I oiled the movement and I wound all three arbors and it has been running happily for a week now, going through its quarter hour chime sequence flawlessly and hammer striking on the hour as it should. Well, at least the hammers moved.

Platform escapement
Platform escapement, jeweled or not

If you have a spare case lying around in your shop I’d be very happy to take it off your hands

If you have a spare case that would fit this movement lying around in your shop I’d be very happy to take it off your hands. It would have been a mantel, shelf or bracket styled clock. If a mantel clock it might look similar to this Juba Schatz bim-bam clock.

Juba Schatz time and strike clock
Juba Schatz time and strike clock

Having a movement without a case is like have a car engine without the body. If you have or know someone with a case that will fit this fine movement please drop me a line.

10 thoughts on “Aug Schatz & Sohne W3 – help me find a case for this fine movement

    1. Thank you. Isn’t that interesting! And a W3 as well. Wonder what its like to bid on an item from New Zealand and subsequently have it shipped to Canada.Won’t know unless I try.



  1. Where can I get an escapement platform replacement for AUG.SHATZ SOHNE W.3 Warmink mantleclock – a small wheel is broken on the original escapement platform.


    1. Your clock is a beauty and I can understand why you would like it to run properly. I am sure that you have already done an online search. Schatz are best known for 400 day (anniversary clocks) and their ships clocks so you will find many places with spare parts.
      When it comes to the W3 your search just got more difficult. You can check Timesavers where you might find something that will fit. Even if you find one the cost of a replacement will run from $50 to $150 plus shipping and handling.
      You have three options:
      Option #1 Take it to a clock repair person and ask them to service that one part. However, most clock repair persons will want to service the entire movement which might end up costing $$$$. If the clock has sentimental value the cost will not be important.
      Option #2 There are a number of antique Facebook clock sites. You can post the information with photos and appeal to anyone that is either parting out a W3 out or has spare parts.
      Option #3 Check out Ebay for a donor movement and take the escapement from that movement. Be careful as early W3s were pendulum driven and as for the platform escapement there were slight design changes over the life of the movement which means that not any platform escapement will work.
      Yes, it is frustrating finding parts for antique and vintage clocks which is why many clocks are not repaired.


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