Timezone clocks – keeping track of family across the country


Trio of clocks
Trio of clocks

It this day and age it is very common to have family scattered to the four winds. What time is it is such and such? Why not create timezone clocks? I live in Canada and I have one daughter in Calgary, Alberta, one of our mid-western provinces and one in Victoria, BC, on the west coast of Canada. We keep in touch with Skype and telephone and as I am working on my computer in the kitchen area of my home all it takes is one glance upwards to see what time it is in Calgary or Victoria.

This is my trio of clocks. The two on either side are eight inch while the centre clock has a 12 inch dial. The centre clock is a New Haven time and strike from the 1930s taken out of a decommissioned school house in Saskatchewan in the 1950s. My aim is to have three 8 inch dial clocks. Once I find another 8 inch time-only clock the New Haven will be replaced.

New Haven time and strike clock
New Haven time and strike clock
Waterbury Arion drop octagon
Waterbury Arion drop octagon
I later painted three numerals

The clock on the left is a Waterbury Arion. It came to me without glazing and bezel but ordering a replacement was easy enough through a clock supplier, Perrin in Canada. While writing this blog I decided to touch-up the 7, 8, and 9 numerals. It is the quietest of the three clocks.

The one on the right is Sessions Drop Octagon. The dial face is in rough shape but I decided to leave it as-is. The clock came from a decommissioned schoolhouse in Springhill, Nova Scotia in the 1960s.

Sessions Drop Octagon
Sessions Drop Octagon

It is by far the noisiest of the three but you get used to the sound. All three will be time-only clocks, preferred if you are looking for the dedicated function of simply telling the time. Of the three my favorite is the Waterbury. Even with the “messed-up” dial face, it is the most accurate of the three and will run for 12-15 days on a single wind.

Keeping track of family all over the country is part of being a normal modern family and timezone clocks certainly help.




One thought on “Timezone clocks – keeping track of family across the country

  1. Hello, Ron! This post rememberes me about the timezone clocks in rhe hotels’ receptions, but, of course, there aren’t so beautiful like those in your pictures… 🙂 Have a nice week!


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