Would you like to profile your antique or vintage clock?

Would you like to tell the world about your special clock?

Would you like to tell the world about your special clock? Is it a clock you have had for years or was it handed down to you or you did you win it an an auction or find it in a dark corner of an antique store?

Is it a favorite clock you would like to see profiled on this blog? It could be one of the clocks in my collection or it could be one of your own (or several that you own). If you would like to profile your own clock(s) send me as many photos as you can (1 meg each is fine) but include shots of the movement as well. If I use your photos I have your permission to post them. If you are using photos that someone else took  (Google or eBay for example) it becomes more problematic from a copyright perspective.

Circa 1890 French Black Marble mantel clock
Circa 1890 French Black Marble time and strike desk clock

I will keep your name and location private

Provide me with a history of the clock and/or some interesting details that I could include in the blog article and let me know if you want your name included. If not I can assign an identifier, the first and last letters of your name and of course I will keep your location private.

Send me an email with pictures.