9 reasons why clock collecting and is a great hobby and why it might be a fit for you

Hobbies are a great way of finding comfort through stepping off the roller coaster of life

In this increasingly complex and chaotic world where many of us seek ways of exploring constructive activities & pastimes a hobby is one such escape. Hobbies are a great way of finding comfort, stepping off the roller coaster of life and rising to the surface after seeming to drown in life’s problems. A hobby allows one to disconnect briefly or longer from the social media universe that seems to consume us every day. Pursuing and maintaining a hobby, whether it is for casual leisure or serious pursuit, is a regular activity that should be done for pure enjoyment. It is healthy for mind, body and soul!

The more you know, the more you grow

There are 9 Reasons why clock collecting/repair hobby works for me and might even work for you.

  1. I meet people. This hobby requires that I come into contact with other people when I purchase clocks, have clocks repaired or ask for advice.

    A clock repair shop in Nova Scotia
  2. Builds my self-esteem. Developing and maintaining a clock hobby is important because the small successes I have from day to day or week to week are enough to sustain me while other pressures are occurring in my life and it is the one solid thing to feel good about. It gives me renewed energy to tackle other challenges in life.
  3. Avoid boredom. I have zero scientific evidence of this but I really believe that boredom is responsible for a lot of society’s ills and destructive behaviours. How many people come home after a challenging work day to watch TV for hours on end when they could be doing something constructive and rewarding?
  4. My Hobby is a point of connection with other people. It gives me common ground with a small, select portion of the population, the people who collect, repair antique and vintage clocks, the people who share my passion. They are from all over the world. Every week I get inquiries from clock enthusiasts from all corners of the earth asking for advice on their particular clock.
  5. Clock collecting enriches my perspective. I remember an old adage: “The more you know, the more you grow”.  Any opportunity to learn something new, to be challenged anew, is great for character-building by seeing the world through refreshed eyes. Clock collecting and repair helps me differentiate myself from others and provides me with key examples of where I have overcome adversity or tackled a difficult situation and emerged on the other side.
  6. It keeps me stay youthful. Establishing and maintaining a hobby is a very healthy habit to form for later years. Hobbies are excellent for brain health especially if you are looking for something to stave off cognitive decline. The older you get the more trouble you will have struggling to fill your time with meaningful activities. Starting a hobby early in life pays dividends in the long run, much like an interest bearing investment.
  7. Clock collecting combines with other interests. Photography and traveling are two other interests in my life. Blog writing is another, of course. This hobby allows me to combine all of those interests and as a side benefit my wife, who is also my travel partner and clock locator, encourages me every day.
  8. My hobby makes me interesting. At a party, you can only talk about your occupation or your grandchild for so long before people’s eyes begin to glaze. But if I mention that I have a clock that fell off a wall during the Halifax Explosion, a clock that hung in a railway station near where I live, a rare clock I bought for almost nothing, their ears perk up.
    final look
    Halifax Explosion clock, Junghans Crispi wall clock

    Pictou rail station clock, Arthur Pequegnat, Canadian Time circa 1930
  9. A way to relieve stress. My hobby provides stress relief simply because it is an oasis from the rest of my life. You can immerse yourself in a totally different world when you are focused on getting that darned strike side to work correctly on a troublesome clock movement.
    Okay maybe clock collecting and repair is not a hobby for you but you can insert whatever hobby you wish to have or already have and I'll bet the 9 reasons above are pretty much on your list.

6 thoughts on “9 reasons why clock collecting and is a great hobby and why it might be a fit for you

  1. Halifax Explosion clock, Junghans Crispi wall clock , question how come the pendulum says “D&A” , is that not a China clock?? Curious!

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    1. Thanks for dropping by. I agree that it looks “blingy” enough to be a Chinese clock but it is indeed Juanghans through and through. The Junghans trademark is on the dial and on the movement.

      Actually the pendulum says “R” & “A”. R = Retarder (slower) and A = Avancer (faster) on French pendulums or on German pendulums (this is a German clock), R = Rueckwarts, A = Aufwarts.



  2. Hi, Ron, this is great post! I find myself in your reason #7, because I like also traveling and writing on my blog & on my Twitter page, but I also have a daily support in my wife. Warm regards, Cătălin


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