Gustav Becker March 2016 update part 2

As I mentioned in a previous post my Gustav Becker two weight regulator arrived with some issues. I was aware beforehand that there would be some problems as it was advertised as a ‘project” clock and that is what it has become, but not in an entirely negative way. It is all good learning.

Clock movement
New movement from Poland

My donor GB clock movement arrived from Poland this week. As mentioned previously the original movement came without a star wheel/snail (not disclosed by the seller), a hammer assembly and a couple of non-operational parts which necessitated the acquisition of another movement. The gathering pallet which I originally thought was bent on the original movement has a piece broken off as I discovered when I compared it with the newer movement.

At a glance the two movements look identical but I am learning that there are key differences between the movement made in 1902 and the donor movement, made in 1918. The “newer” movement has thinner plates. The centre arbor is thicker on the new movement but the star wheel/snail is an exact fit. The escape wheel is slightly smaller. The fan on the new movement created an obstruction when I tried to install it on the old movement so out it came and replaced by the old fan. I was also able to transfer the gathering pallet as well. This time it works correctly as it advances the rack. The escape wheel is smaller on the new movement and I gather that the pendulum for the newer movement is a little shorter i.e faster rate. I am also able to salvage the hammer and hammer rod on the replacement movement though I have not attached it as yet. It would need some adjustment.

Clock part
New star wheel
clock part
Broken gathering pallet

During the testing phase the clock is running without its dial face and hands. I am checking and calibrating the hour and half hour strike while observing the action of the strike side specifically the advance of the star and snail. All seems to be working as it should. The time and strike weights are also descending at the same rate so I am assuming that the clock is going through its correct cycle on the hour and half hour.

More testing in the next few days after which I will install the hammer assembly, the face and hands and string new cable for the weights.