Maple Leaf clock motion works issue

Pequegnat Maple Leaf (2)
The movement in its case

I knew this Arthur Pequegnat clock had issues when I bought it but I felt that I just had to have a gingerbread clock for my collection. It is a beautiful clock and once fully restored it will be a show piece.

After taking the clock out of its case and investigating further I think I have located the problem and it appears that a previous owner had attempted a fix. Perhaps the repair attempt was made by the owner himself since it looks like a poor effort because of scratch and dent marks on a particular washer that can be seen in the next photo.

The photo below shows the hour cannon and minute arbor. There is a brass washer located near a toothed gear that is very loose. The washer is not secured to the post. Because the washer is very loose there is no firm connection between the gear and the one immediately beneath it. The hour pinion should have a tight fit on the centre arbor. As a result of the slippage the time side works but does not engage the centre arbor.

The movement obviously needs to be taken apart. However, the problem is twofold. First I am able to dis-assemble the movement but I do not have the skills to fix the centre arbor issue.  Secondly, the plates are steel (with nickel plating) with brass bushing inserts which are not likely to be easily knocked out and they do not match modern bushings from today’s suppliers. It would take special reaming tools to install new bushings, tools I do not have. However, I can see that it needs at least 6 new bushings.

Centre  arbor
Closer view of the arbor showing a hole that has no purpose

In the meantime I can get to work on the case. The case was likely subjected to heat (stored in hot location like an attic for a long period) and the shellac finish has melted into the alligatored finish you see here.RS Pequegnat fan top (6)

The solution is a special mix of alcohol, boiled linseed oil, turpentine, lacquer and vinegar. It will require time and patience but I believe I can restore the case to its original condition. There are no cracks, nicks or gouges in the finish so I have a very good starting point, I think.

If you have any comments on this fine classic feel free to post.

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