Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf Kitchen Clock

RS Pequegnat fan top (3)
Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf Kitchen Clock
RS Pequegnat fan top (8)
Berlin Ontario label, mostly intact

I picked up this Arthur Pequegnat Maple Leaf “fan top” this week. It was advertised as a non-running clock and the seller was correct. I am not a huge “fan” of gingerbread kitchen clocks but thought if I wanted one it should be a Pequegnat, being a Canadian.

The clock is completed with the Maple Leaf bob.

RS Pequegnat fan top (18)
Maple Leaf bob, nickle plateing
RS Pequegnat fan top (15)
Maple Leaf decal

original untouched dial, most of its label and a remarkably intact maple leaf decal on the front glass.

RS Pequegnat fan top (5)
Mottled finish on the fan

It is from the Berlin period (pre-1917, Berlin is Kitchener, Ontario today) and has the classical nickel-plated steel plates with brass bushings.

I managed to get the clock in beat by adjusting the verge but the minute arbor is loose (wobbles a bit) and the minute and hour hands remain stationary. I may get this clock professionally repaired rather than tackle it myself. I intend to take the movement out of its case and see what, if anything, is wrong. It could be a simple repair or something much more complex.

The case is another issue. It has no chips or cracks and no pieces missing but the seller thought that the mottling added character. I don’t agree. It just doesn’t look good. My first thought is that it appeared to me that someone tried to “recondition” the case by applying a clear stain that chemically reacted to the original shellac or lacquer.

I posted this on the NAWCC clock forum site to get some ideas for restoration. One of the ideas I got from NAWCC is the the finish may indeed be original but that the clock was stored in a hot place and the original finish shifted. As one poster said “the case was likely subjected to heat (stored in the attic) and the shellac finish has melted into the alligatored finish you have now”.

This is my third Arthur Pequegnat clock. See my other posts for descriptions of the Brandon and the Canadian Time clocks.


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