RS Sessions Mission Oak (3)
An attractive Sessions mantel clock

A recently acquired Sessions time and strike Mission style mantel clock. Aside from cleaning up the case with diluted Murphy’s Soap, my go-to cleaner, I applied a little oil to the movement and reset the verge in order to get the proper beat. It is running well and keeps very good time. There is a common Sessions speed adjuster on the clock which I find very helpful in regulating the speed.

RS Sessions Mission Oak mantel clock (7)
Sessions time and strike movement

A couple of issues, the glass clips are broken and the glass is loose in it’s bezel. A little putty will fix that. There is a thin wire attached to the bottom of the case and  I have no clue why it is there. Perhaps it secures the pendulum rod in travel, after all it is the right size for a cottage clock. It  came without a double-sided key but thankfully I have enough keys around the house that I have one that fits.

RS Sessions Mission Oak mantel clock (3)
Before bezel is cleaned

The clock needs a cleaning and after I see it running for a week or so, I will tear it down and clean it up.

I was just on the NAWCC forum and a poster tells me that it is an “American No. 2” from 1921 according to Trans Sessions book, page 121.