Three small drop octagons that match – finally!

Some years ago I had this brainy idea that I would have a trio of time zone clocks above our main computer in the kitchen so, when one of our children called, all we had to do was glance at the wall to see what local time it was in their region.

Back then we had a daughter in Victoria, British Columbia, another in Calgary, Alberta, and a son in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our daughter has since moved to Ottawa, Ontario.

It was a great idea but not perfect.

Trio of clocks
Trio of clocks representing 3 time zones

The New Haven time and strike clock (the middle one in the photo above) was not as small as I wanted but it was all I had at the time. The New Haven clock was eventually gifted and replaced by an Ansonia time-only which was also still too large.

Ansonia clock project is complete
Ansonia time-only clock

The search was on for a third 14-inch drop octagon time-only clock to complete the trio. It did not matter who the maker was. It took a while but as luck would have I saw one on an online auction in the spring of this year.

It is a Sessions time-only drop octagon and identical in dimensions to the two others.

The trouble was I was not going to pay a reserve auction bid of $100CDN (79US, 63GBP). As much as I wanted the clock the price was too high though some of you may disagree.

It appeared to be in very good condition judging from the auction photos and there was nothing much wrong with it except for incorrect minute and hour hands (it would have had longer and thicker closed spade hands).

Sessions time-only clock

We had already purchased 4 clocks at this particular online auction and elected to pick them up instead of having them shipped.

When my wife called to ensure someone was there when we arrived at the auction house she was told that all unsold clocks would be individually priced and sold without tax and buyer’s premium. Luckily the Sessions was one of few unsold clocks but the price was half the reserve. So, we bought it and now it graces our wall.

The newest (middle) in our trio of clocks, from left to right, Sessions, Sessions, Waterbury

Two Sessions and a Waterbury clock. They all look great!

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