Auction clock bought on a whim

Although I have sold a few clocks locally in the past year to trim down my collection, I am always on the lookout for new acquisitions. One in, one out, has become the rule.

I am a frequent follower of online for-sale and estate auction sites and look for unique clocks like this E. Ingraham Grecian shelf clock (right) which I bought in early January 2021.

Ingraham Grecian
Ingraham Grecian shelf clock C.1871

There are two noteworthy estate auction houses in Nova Scotia, but only one offering premium items. As for what I term is “the better auction house”, art and Canadiana are their specialties but occasionally clocks are added to the auction offerings.

In February 2021 I took a chance on a second clock from the same auction house. Since one clock was offered I knew that the auction would not attract collectors. If there are several clocks offered for auction, I find that collectors are attracted and that tends to drive up the bidding.

Bracket clock
Bracket clock, photo used with permission Harris and Sons

The description of the clock according to the auction house is as follows:

Antique walnut bracket style mantel clock with polished brass outer
dial. In running order but probably could use a clean, with mellow
tone chime. Brass movement. No makers marks. Measures 14
inches tall by 10 1/4 wide and 5 3/4 inches deep.

So a “pig in a poke” as we would say locally. An unknown maker in a fairly attractive case. “Could use a clean” is a euphemism for “might have some issues”. From the auction photos, the case looks tired and the state of the movement is unknown, but, I am up for the challenge.

Bracket clock
Bracket clock, photo used with permission Harris and Sons

The dial looks intriguing. It could be one piece with a silvered chapter ring or spandrels added over the brass which is more likely. As of this writing, it remains at the auction house awaiting shipment.

The movement is certain to be German. However, it might have been made by any number of companies, Junghans, Mauthe, HAC but I am thinking it is HAC, the Hamburg American Clock Co. and made in the early part of the 20th century. I do not have any other HACs in my collection, so, this would be the first.

I suspect a well-built movement with solid plates front and back.

Bracket clock
Bracket clock, photo used with permission Harris and Sons

The reserve bid of $75 is what I paid. I am not a fan of reserve bids but at least I did not pay more than that. Of course, tax and the auction house buyer’s premium are always added to the final invoice.

I think I will be pleased with the purchase.