Antique Grandmother Clock in Immaculate Condition

Chinese time and strike wall clock
Chinese time and strike wall clock that seller calls a grandfather clock

Antique Grandmother Clock in Immaculate Condition

I am selling my wife’s grandmother clock because it does not suit the decor of our new home. She has treasured this antique for years and doesn’t want to part with it. Please make my execution as painless as possible and buy this clock quickly. Keeps perfect time and has no scratches on the cabinet.

This ad will be removed when I am executed…………..actually just before ,,,,,so purchase this clock now

This is a Chinese clock with a calendar feature, circa the 1960s. The ad refers to it as an antique. It is not!. Vintage, perhaps. The ad refers to it as a grandmother clock. It is not!

CraftLine grandmother clock
Grandmother clock by CraftLine circa 19780; a little shorter than a grandfather clock

The seller is asking $150, five times more than it is worth. It’s probably fairly reliable, looks well cared for and I would take it if it were given to me.

“Executed”.  Is that funny?