Tick Talk Tuesday #13 – Mauthe wall clock circa 1960s

Tick-Talk Tuesday is about the letters and comments I have received from you, the reader, concerning your clock, issues you might have had, challenges you face or a clock you would like me to profile and my responses to your questions with advice on your particular clock concern. For those comments and questions that stump even me, I consult within my clock circles for the best possible answer.
Modern Mauthe wall clock circa 1970S
Modern Mauthe wall clock circa 1970S

DK writes, “I just received this clock.  I’m hoping you can help me identify it and maybe help me to fix it. I’d like to see if I can repair it if possible. Hope to hear from you.”

I write back, “Can you send a photo of your Mauthe clock with the door closed?”

An attractive wall clock by Mauthe
An attractive wall clock by Mauthe

DK, “I seemed to have fixed it so it is working, however the Lewis girl at the bottom of the pendulum I turn it to increase a time or decrease the time how does it go or work?”

Me, “Your Mauthe clock is from the 1960s. It is a time and strike and should run reliably for years. To adjust the rate, turn the thumbscrew at the bottom of the pendulum clockwise to speed the clock up or counterclockwise to slow it down.”

DK, “Thanks Rockin Ronnie. Does this clock have any value?”

Me, “Not especially. Depends on the market but perhaps upwards of 100US in top condition.”

DK, “Thanks Ron I kind of figured as much. Have yourself a good day and thank you for everything!”

Note: In 1970, Mauthe struggled for survival, and in 1975 the company was in receivership and forced to close in 1976.