Kienzle World Clock

Kienzle World Clock
Kienzle World Clock

I acquired this mechanical Kienzle World Time clock recently from an antique shop in Quebec.

No matter where you are in the world this clock will tell you the local time. Quite ingenious! This is accomplished through a rotating hour indicator in the lower half of the clock. As the time advances the indicator moves along with it thus enabling the user to line up the distant hour according to where you are in the world. This is one of many clocks conceived by renounced German designer Heinrich Moeller. Moeller, who was trained as a cabinet maker, began working with Kienzle in 1931 and presumably through to the mid century. This vintage clock probably originates from the early 1950s.

This clock is in excellent condition as the brass seems well preserved. I would imagine it as a stunning clock in any environment. I would assume that it might have been sold as a promotional item or could have found it way into many executive office milieus. One can just imagine an import/export dealer 60 years ago who would need to know the time in many parts of the world.

I found an excellent description from this site. The clock is described as “circular, brushed brass, moulded and rectangular base, convex glass. Brushed silvered with applied gilt brass radial Roman numerals, outer minute track, the center with world planisphere and the names of 42 world cities and countries, aperture for the 24-hour day and night indication, scale above to calculate the world time. Gilt brass tapered baton hands. Lever escapement, three-arm balance, index regulator. Diam. 26 cm.” Curiously, the number 4 is expressed as IV rather than IIII found typically on Roman Numeral clocks.

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