RS April 12th
Minor case restoration completed

Restoring the case was relatively simple. After a thorough cleaning to lift the accumulated grime, a wax overcoat, touch-ups in discrete areas with yellow shellac, the case is very presentable for a 138 year old clock. I cleaned up the brass bezel but left the paper dial untouched. The hands are original and left those alone. The lacquer on the pendulum is still intact; no work needed on it.

And now to a further investigation of the movement.

After taking the dial pan off a couple of days ago my first impression was that the movement appeared to be in good condition. There are a number of newer bushings on the front which would have been expected for a clock of this vintage.  The servicing of the front plate looked like a capable repair. I oiled the front pivots and gave the pendulum a push, adjusted the verge and found a good beat. It ran continuously through the night. The next day I decided that if I were to keep this clock running until I can do some work on it, the movement should come out to oil the back pivots. It must have been years since this movement last saw pivot oil.

No problem. Four screws and out it came.

The secrets of this clock were now being revealed. Here you can see the back plate. I immediately observed several distressing issues with the movement. The first two problem areas are indicated by the white arrows. The left one shows a piece soldered onto the plate to address a pivot issue. The second shows a new bushing where one should not ordinarily be.

RS Ingraham movement (4)
Back plate showing two problem areas

The addition of a new bushing in that location must have been done for a reason. At this point I cannot speculate why it had to be done this way but it looks like shoddy workmanship. Otherwise, I do not see any other conventional bushing work.

You can see that the escape wheel arbor is clearly misaligned in the following photo. It works though theoretically it should not. Despite the fact that the clock is happily ticking away it is a poor fix for an unknown (to me) problem.

RS Ingraham movement (5)
Arrow showing a misaligned escape wheel arbor

The next issue is a soldered lantern pinion seen here just off the main gear (see arrow).

RS Ingraham movement (2)
Soldered lantern pinion

It is not a problem now unless one had to work on the pinions on that gear at some later date.

The fan was also repaired with solder. It looks ugly but it does not effect the running of the clock.

RS Ingraham movement (1)

So what to do? A simple bushing job I can do but serious bushing work is obviously required from someone with the experience and knowledge of Ingraham movements and I don’t have that level of expertise – yet. I may put this aside until  I gain more experience or have it professionally repaired.

I did discover one unusual feature. Although it has a wonderful gong tone on the hour it does not strike on the half hour.

For the moment is is ticking away and keeping good time.