Gustav Becker update

GB movement before dis-assembly

I got a lead through a email a few days ago on a Braunau movement that was up for sale on EBay and I am happy to say that I purchased it today. It should arrive by post in the next few days.

My plan is to either take the parts out of the replacement movement or use it if it is in better condition. My inclination is to keep the movement that came with the clock rather than create a “Franken-clock”.  It is preferable to keep the clock as true to the original as possible.

However, I am sure that over the years many clocks have benefited from replacement parts and after 114 years clocks such as this probably had repairs that might have included the odd part replaced. On my movement there have been 4 new bushings installed and one lever post repaired. Who knows what other parts might have been added over the years. The top plate is the only real indication I have that the clock was made in late 1902 and the clock case certainly fits that period.

This movement has one other issue that I can see. There is a lever with a pin that rotates and advances the rack. It is the gathering pallet. In the photo below you can see the pallet, indicated by the black arrow. In the photo that follows you will see that the pin that is attached to the pallet is bent. The bent pin does not allow the pallet to advance the rack. Hence the strike train does not work. So, it must be unbent or replaced.

clock movement
Black arrow showing the location of the pin
bent lever pin
Bent pin on lever

The risk is snapping the pin off if I make an attempt to straighten it. I will wait to see if the replacement movement has a pallet that is in better condition and if so, a straight swap.

clock movement
Movement is nearly dis-assembled

The last photo shows the movement almost apart and prior to cleaning and polishing.

This Gustav Becker came to me as a project clock and I am determined to get it running.  In the meantime I have installed the time side gears to check the time train and the clock is running and keeping proper time. Obviously it does not strike but in time that will be rectified.