A detail can make all the difference

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Horse Crown Mauthe wall clock on display

I acquired this beautiful Mauthe Horse Crown Vienna style wall clock in the fall. I inspected it carefully enough before the purchase but it was not until I got it home that I discovered a finial or perhaps a trim piece missing from the base area on the bottom.

Missing trim or finial

Once hung the clock did not look as balanced as it should. It did not look quite right and there was clear evidence of a piece missing when I inspected the bottom more closely.

I went to the usual clock parts sites to look for a finial or piece that would best fit the design of this turn of the century wall clock. There were a number of choices but I decided to get the base piece finial you see here. It is flat on one side and comes without a peg. It complements the style of the clock without making it look awkward and I think I struck the right balance. It may not be exactly like the original but it looks good enough to fool the casual observer or even an expert.

The trim piece came unfinished. I determined that the clock had an original walnut finish so proceeded to apply enough coats of stain on the trim piece to match the rest of the clock.

Here is the result.

RS Finial added (1)
Trim piece added to base of clock

Here is a shot of the clock from a couple of meters away. You can see that it is more “balanced” than before. it might even be period-correct judging from what I have seen on other Vienna style clocks.

RS Finial added (3)
A small detail makes a difference
From Perrin Canada

This cost me $6.70 for the trim piece / finial I purchased from Perrin Canada, $4.99 for the dark walnut stain and $.79 for a length of 5/16 dowel. This small detail makes a huge difference.

Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “A detail can make all the difference

  1. A beautiful piece to start with. And a beautiful, attentively executed replenisment. As one can see, details make all the difference.


  2. Another detail that I notice on the clock that stands out just as much as the missing finial are the mismatched hands. I suspect that the hour hand is original, but the minute hand is in a completely different style.


    1. You are correct JC, they appear to be a mismatch and you have a good eye. Despite my efforts to scour the net looking for a similar clock I have not had much luck comparing the hands on my clock to ones on a clock that was made at the time though I am curious to find out.



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