Tick Talk Tuesday #45 – what is my clock worth

Tick-Talk Tuesday is dedicated to addressing readers’ letters and comments related to clock issues, challenges, and recommendations for specific clocks. In cases where the comments and questions are particularly challenging, I seek advice from my fellow clock enthusiasts to provide the most accurate and helpful response.

It is important to respond to emails from interested visitors, as it not only cultivates a sense of community and engagement with my audience but also facilitates the establishment of relationships with individuals who share similar interests.

Given that I am not a clock valuation expert and cannot physically inspect its construction, repair status, and overall condition, any estimate I provide from information provided to me by email regarding the clock’s value would be approximate.

HL writes:

Can you please tell me the value of this clock? 

Photo provided by HL

My reply:

It appears to be a French-made clock and looks to be in good shape judging from the photos except for what appears to be a broken chip on the left shoulder of the clock case. Are there any other visible cracks, scratches, or dents on the clock? It is impossible to place a value sight unseen because much is unknown.

For instance, does the clock have its original movement, have parts been replaced over the years, and what repairs if any have been made. Are any unseen parts of the clock missing or broken? In the absence of a professional valuation, it could be worth several hundred dollars if complete and original.


I did not hear back from HL. Perhaps I provided them with the answer they were looking for or they were not satisfied with my online appraisal.

While the clock’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable and it could potentially exceed my initial estimate in value, my ability to accurately appraise it is limited by my lack of detailed information regarding its features and history.

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