Jerome & Co. Rose Cottage clock – dial work completed

I was very close to trashing this little Jerome & Co. time-only cottage clock but decided to give myself a real challenge and bring the clock back to something presentable. So far the project is progressing reasonably well.

The door trim has been completed, and the movement has been serviced. Serviced in the spring of 2022 the movement runs perfectly.

This post details the results of in-painting the dial and some work completed on the lower tablet.

Not in the best of shape

My first attempt at replicating the colour and tone of the dial produced passable results as the below photo shows. Since I had to build layers of paint I was not concerned that it was slightly off as each layer came closer to matching the rest of the dial.

As the paint dried I tackled some of the numbers using a Pitt fine-tipped artists pen, a straight-edge and a compass.

Initial work on the dial

I had better luck with the next batch of paint combining white with small amounts of red, brown, black and yellow, mixing and comparing as I went.

The number eleven is admittedly a little shaky because I was unable to smooth out the base paint in that particular spot. The number eleven was pretty much a crap shoot anyway as it was totally obliterated before I began.

The chapter ring and minute markers came out as well as could be expected.

in-painting and enhancement of the numerals

Close examination will certainly reveal that dial work has been done but once the dial is mounted in the case it takes a good eye to see the difference plus I have successfully preserved the overall patina.

Dial mounted in the case

The black sections of the lower tablet were reverse painted and there is a significant difference. I am not sure how to address the red, green, and gold tablet design which is in very poor condition. I may leave it as-is if I am unable to complete the fine detail work.

Dial, trim, and touchups on the lower tablet

So far so good! Next is the veneer work which should present an interesting challenge.

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