Tick Talk Tuesday #30 – a Forestville clock

Tick-Talk Tuesday is about the letters and comments I have received from you, the reader, concerning your clock, issues you might have had, challenges you face or a clock you would like me to profile or my responses to your questions with advice on your particular clock concern. For those comments and questions that stump even me, I consult within my clock circles for the best possible answer

JS writes;

“I found your blog online. I wasn’t sure if you were able to help. But I’m trying to find some information on a mantle clock I purchased.

Blackforest clock Co.
Blackforest Clock Co.

It is made by Black Forest Clock Company, which I know is Canadian. Just curious if you recognized the clock and a possible year.

My reply;

“Hi and thanks for your email, Joe. The company was first called the Blackforest Clock Company when formed in 1928 and changed its name to the Forestville Clock Co. In 1941. The same company just a change in the name. It was based in Toronto through its life right up to the late 1970s. If it is a Blackforest clock it was made prior to 1941. Is it a pendulum clock or does it have a floating balance escapement? If you are not sure, send me a photo of the movement.”

Which JS promptly sent:

Blackforest Clock Co.
Blackforest Clock Co.

Just purchased it at an auction. I look forward to picking it up and putting it on the mantle. Be safe and well and thank you again.

My reply:

“Looks like a nice pendulum clock.”