Odd marriage and an amusing explanation of the maker

Interesting marriage

This clock was advertised on a local online for-sale site. It is a Vienna Regulator-styled wall clock that is an obvious marriage. The ornate dial certainly does not belong to this style of case, the pendulum is unusually short and it is missing its bottom finials.

By way of comparison, this is how a movement should look like in a similar case.

Mauthe Vienna style wall clock

It annoys me when I see things like this and I have little sympathy for people who fall for this kind of deception. Do your research!

Tempus Fugit means “time flies”

What is most amusing is the description which says “There is a name on it I believe it says JEMLAUS FUOITE. I did try to take a picture of the name.” It actually says Tempus Fugit or Time Flies but I had to laugh.

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