Pub clocks of Ireland

During our recent trip to the southern part of Ireland including the capital city of Dublin, I expected to see antique mechanical clocks in some of the pubs and I was not disappointed.  I tried to visit as many pubs as possible to search for clocks, of course, and while there I sampled the local ales and lagers though no Irish visit is complete without a pint or two of Guinness stout.

At one time the clock was an important element of pub life, now they are merely decorations if they are there at all
A tour of the Guinness Storehouse is a must for any visitor

My only regret was not visiting The Clock Bar on Thomas Street in Dublin. Apparently from what I have read, they have an interesting collection of antique clocks. It was Sunday morning and closed. Perhaps next time.

The Clock Bar, Dublin

Sadly, none of the clocks I saw were running. Here is a sampling of some of the pub clocks. As you would expect all are wall clocks.

A pub in Killarney located on the high street. This gentleman was on his second pint of Guinness
Another pub in Killarney, either a double wind time only or a time and strike
An American New Haven drop octagon, Connemara, Ireland
Drop octagon, Galway
Gallery clock near Dungarvan, Ireland

At one time the clock was an important element of the pub atmosphere, now they are merely decorations if they are there at all. Quite honestly I did not see as many as I thought I would and that’s too bad!

If you want the authentic experience of the Irish pub you are not going to find it in Dublin where many pubs appeal to the tourist trade. Small pubs like this one at Butlerstown, near Waterford, cater to the locals. The gentleman on the left is holding court. Prior to his arrival, the barkeep by way of respect placed a pint of Guinness on the table and a cushion on his chair.

A local pub near Butlerstown, Ireland

If you are on a tour of Ireland take in the pub atmosphere but stay away from Dublin. Have a few pints, enjoy the local colour, chat with the locals and have a Guinness for me. The experience is simply wonderful.