Gustav Becker 2-weight Vienna Regulator wall clock – 3 years later

Clock collectors usually pride themselves in having at least one Gustav Becker (GB) clock in their collection. I have just one but I am always on the lookout for another.

Gustav Becker wall clock

Becker clocks are not difficult to identify and date. Along with a maker’s stamp, serial numbers on the clock movements identify the year of manufacture. This clock was made in 1902 however, the original 1902 Braunau movement had too many missing parts and was replaced. It now has a “newer” Polish sourced Braunau movement from 1917.

1917 replacement movement

The cases of these clocks reflect the ornate stylistic trends of the day and range from very simple to very elaborate constructions. The casework is well done and incorporates hand carving. Germany has never lacked for skilled carvers and the talent of the region’s artisans is found in the many styles of Becker clock cases.

I wrote about my frustrations repairing the clock in 2016 but at the end of the day I am satisfied with the outcome. It has run flawlessly since then. In April 2019 I inspected the movement, gave the case a cleaning and applied one coat of shellac.

Front room collection
Displayed in living room

It occupies a prominent spot in my home and visitors marvel at the size, style and the slowly moving pendulum.

2 thoughts on “Gustav Becker 2-weight Vienna Regulator wall clock – 3 years later

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    1. Sorry to see you go. I set my blogs to publish at 6am my time. You can always come by the site even if you do not subscribe. I have considered many other options and may try others.


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