Taking a summer clock break

The lake
The lake

It is time to take a little break.

As regular readers know I publish between 7 and 9 articles per month. I have been spending considerable time this spring putting ideas together and getting articles ready for the summer months so that there will be NO interruption in activity on this blog.

Since I spend quality time with friends and family and decompress at our summer get-away in central Canada I might be a tad slow getting back to you if you have questions about your clock or comments on any of my posts. I therefore apologize in advance.

Canada Clock Company Hamilton Cottage Extra
Canada Clock Company Hamilton Cottage Extra, circa 1880, an interesting find in a junk shop

On my blog I typically profile my own clock collection, the challenges of maintaining and repairing clocks in my collection plus many articles of general interest. I often write about my personal observations during my travels and I always look for unique and interesting clocks as I navigate through the fascinating world of horology.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy the researching each article. I invite you to browse through my archive; there is always something that will interest clock lovers of all ages.

Over the next two months you will find exciting new articles and some helpful information on various clock issues. No doubt my summer adventures will produce new clock stories that will be the source of future articles. So, stay tuned as they say and if you like what you see let me know.