Tick-Talk Tuesday #5 – question about grandfather clock repair

Tick-Talk Tuesday is about the letters and comments I have received from you, the reader, concerning your clocks, issues you might have had and challenges you face and my responses to your questions with advice on your  particular clock concern(s). For those comments and questions that stump even me, I consult within my clock circles for the best possible answer.

DL writes. “I am trying to find out what my grandfather clock is worth. It is a Meekins, Packard and Wheat. It also needs a locking piece for the top portion. Somehow the insert is missing, so it can’t be locked on top, but the bottom is fine. I noticed you are far away, and I was wondering if you have any offices in the Massachusetts area or could you recommend someone? Thank you for your time.”

Grandfather clocks are often refereed to as tall clocks long case clocks and floor clocks
Grandfather clocks are often refereed to as tall clocks long case clocks and floor clocks (Ridgeway Hamilton Country)

My response to DL, “Hi and thanks for writing. As I understand it, Meekins, Packard and Wheat was a prominent department store in Springfield, Mass. During their hay days in the 1930s it had a well established branded furniture line which presumably included grandfather clocks. While it may say Meekins, Packard and Wheat on the clock case or dial, the cabinet and movement were likely made by someone else. It was a typical practice in those days to contract out clocks, furniture and the like to cabinetry and clock movement companies. It is possible that the part you are looking for is no longer made but a competent horologist may be able to fashion one for you. Another option is to contact Tmesavers, a clock supply house that sell parts for clocks. They may have a reasonable facsimile to the part you are looking for. You might try a clock repair service in Harvard MA called the Clock Medic which can be accessed here: http://www.theclockmedic.com/home.html There is contact information on their site. A quick phone call might get you closer to fixing or restoring your grandfather’s clock.

Many people do not realize that there are a number of well stocked clock supply houses not only in the US and Canada but Britain and elsewhere in the world.




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