Tick-Talk Tuesday – starting March 21st

Smiths Enfield
Saint Patrick’s Day – it is only fitting to feature a Smiths Enfield mantel clock that came all the way from Ireland

Starting Tuesday, March 21st I will feature a regular blog called Tick-Talk Tuesday.

The purpose of the blog is twofold, the first, to talk about letters and comments I have received from you, the reader, concerning your clocks, issues you might have had and challenges you face as well as my responses to your questions and my advice on your clock issues and concerns. The second purpose is a place for you, the reader, to profile your favorite clock or a clock that has presented a particular challenge for you.

The focus will be on you, the reader

So, the focus will be on you, the reader and contributor. Most of the comments and questions are ones that I have received privately but to preserve anonymity I will not mention names. To profile your clock, simply send me photos and a description (my contact email is ronjoiner@gmail.com) and I would be more than happy to present your prized clock to the many readers of this blog. Although privacy is important, let me know if you do not mind having your name published.

I am looking forward to this feature and between us it should be very informative.


6 thoughts on “Tick-Talk Tuesday – starting March 21st

  1. Ron,

    Feel free to use any of my contributions. If there’s anything particularly interesting on my clock blog you’d like to share here, please do so. My blog doesn’t get as many hits as yours because I post too infrequently. I actually just posted two new entries the other day.


  2. Ron, I just want to mention that it’s a brilliant idea to always bring new things, so the readers can be interested on visiting your blog. Good-luck with this new category! Catalin

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