Why should I repair an antique clock if the repair exceeds its value?

An often-asked question is why should I repair an antique clock if the repair exceeds its value.

The decision to repair an antique clock if the repair exceeds its value ultimately depends on your personal attachment to the clock and its historical significance.

Let’s talk about sentimental value

If the clock has been in your family for generations or has sentimental value to you, repairing it may be worth the cost, even if it exceeds the clock’s current market value. Repairs might include restoration or significant repairs to the case but a working clock that presents well is the main objective. Having a ticking clock can add a touch of elegance and charm to a room, as well as provide a sense of history and provide an important connection to the past.

A clock with a homemade plywood case was worth the repair because of its family heritage

A clock that is rare is worth the repair if…

If the clock is rare or has historical significance, it may be worth repairing regardless of the cost. Some antique clocks may have been made by renowned clockmakers or may be associated with important historical events or figures, making them highly valuable.

Valuable antique clocks must be carefully repaired because they often have unique and irreplaceable pieces that require specialized knowledge and expertise to repair. Any repairs must be done in a way that preserves their originality and authenticity.

To repair certain clocks, it may be necessary to use rare and difficult-to-find components or even handmade parts. This highlights the importance of collaborating with a skilled and knowledgeable clock repair specialist who has access to these parts or can create them. Even a small error in repair can result in significant damage to the clock’s mechanism and timing, leading to a reduction in value.

Improper repairs can significantly reduce the clock’s value and historical significance. Valuable antique clocks can be fragile and delicate, with intricate mechanisms and delicate parts that require careful handling during the repair. Any damage to these parts can irreversibly damage the clock, leading to a loss in value.

Working with a qualified and experienced clock repair professional is essential to ensure that the clock is repaired correctly and maintains its value.

Kienzle World Time clock
This Kienzle World Time clock has maintained its value

A clock as an investment

If you believe that the clock’s value may appreciate over time, repairing it may be a wise investment.

Clock collecting for investment purposes is a complex and potentially risky endeavor that requires a significant amount of knowledge, research, and expertise. While some antique clocks may appreciate in value over time, the market for antique clocks can be unpredictable, and there is no guarantee that a clock will increase in value.

Additionally, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a collection of antique clocks can be significant, and the potential return on investment may not justify the expense. Clock collecting for investment purposes should be approached with caution and with a thorough understanding of the market and the value of individual pieces.

Appreciate an antique clock for what it is

Antique clocks are often rare and unique, making them a great conversation starter. Guests may be intrigued by the clock’s history and design, leading to interesting conversations and the opportunity to share knowledge and stories.

On the other hand, if the clock has little sentimental or historical value and is unlikely to appreciate in value, it may not be worth repairing if the cost exceeds its current value. Ultimately, the decision to repair an antique clock should be based on a careful evaluation of its worth and your personal attachment to it.

Junghans Corner feet finished
A common bracket clock made by Junghans

Antique clocks have a sense of history and nostalgia that can be comforting and grounding. They remind us of the past and the craftsmanship that went into making these timepieces before the era of digital clocks and watches.

While antique clocks may not be as accurate as modern timepieces, they can still keep time and serve a practical purpose in a room.


One thought on “Why should I repair an antique clock if the repair exceeds its value?

  1. Little can be added to Ron’s wisdom here. This. With any collectible, of any kind, examples range from essentially entry level (“throw aways” not made to repaired), to some that would buy a pretty nice house. As always, knowledge is power.


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