HAC mantel clock – it came without a crown – FIXED

I knew when I first laid eyes on the clock that it was missing something, the crown.

It’s too bad because it is very attractive Hamburg American Company or HAC 8-day time and strike mantel or parlour clock.

HAC mantel clock

The little plaque on the base references 1926 the year it was presented to a pastor in England presumably for years of faithful service. I think the clock was made a few years earlier. Back in those days clocks like this might have sat on a Merchant’s shelf for years.

The chap I bought it from said it was an English clock but I knew right away that it was German. It has that distinctive German look and style of a clock made after 1900. Since he was a clock collector he should have known by looking at the trademark on the back of the movement. Oh well!

Time and strike movement

Okay, back to the crown. I have another HAC time and strike with a crown.

HAC mantel clock

I am willing to bet that the crown on my new acquisition was either very similar or exactly like the one on a HAC I bought a year ago. It fits exactly into the slot on the top.

Now with a crown

A crown makes a difference. You can see that adding a crown transforms the clock. It made be subtle but there is a difference. The problem I have now is, should I leave on this clock or the other?

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