Schatz carriage clock with an interesting visible escapement

My wife found this 8-day Schatz carriage clock while she was browsing for antiques on Facebook marketplace for what we both felt was an attractive price. I had dealt with the seller in the past and he is known for his honesty and selling clocks at a reasonable price. I do not believe his intention is to make a lot of money.

Schatz carriage clock

My wife likes it and when we picked it up we were not disappointed, it has a quality look. It was made in the 1970s and probably many thousands were given as gifts.

It is lighter than it looks and does not have the heft of a traditional antique carriage clock. The plates are thin, the brass casing is thin, the glass is not very thick although it is beveled and that accounts for the light weight. The winding key protrudes through the back glass panel, another nice touch.

View of the back panel

Schatz was likely looking for a certain price point and it was necessary to keep the costs down. Pretty, but not designed for long life. But after 40 years it is still running, to a point!

Side view

The seller said it runs for about four days and stops. It is not a big deal as far as I’m concerned but I am curious to take it apart to see if there are any issues beyond a good cleaning.

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