A Happy New Year to all

Ringing in the New Year is for reminiscing, reliving, looking back, and looking forward.


However, I’ll be honest; let’s hope that 2022 is a whole lot better. We got through 2021 but for many of us, the ongoing pandemic has left an indelible mark. Promises were made and broken, plans were made and altered, hopes and dreams were reshaped.

The antiquevintageclock.com family wishes to convey our sympathy and condolences to those deeply affected by the pandemic.

Now let’s begin the New Year in style.

As champagne corks pop, glasses are raised and fireworks explode into the sky, it is important to recognize the special symbolism this holiday brings with it.

Amid promises of new beginnings and fresh starts comes a time of reflection and resolutions that more often than not tend to be short-lived.

A broken clock

Take my advice; why burden yourself with resolutions that will go nowhere and disappoint you in the end.

For you clock lovers, where will your horological journey take you this year? Will it be finding that special clock, finally servicing mom’s prized mantel clock, building your clock repair skills, reading about wonderful clocks on blogs such as this, buying that unique clock repair tool, or reading that special clock book?

May the New Year bring you prosperity and happiness.

Happy New Year everyone!

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