Would you buy a “Cucuko” clock?

I frequently cruise the online for-sale sites for interesting clocks and I could not help but chuckle at this one.

Would you buy a Cucuko clock?

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If you are going to sell a cute Black Forest clock take a little time to find out how to spell the darn word. It is not choochoo or cucko, or CooCoo, or Coockoo, or Cucuko, it’s Cuckoo!

The word is Cuckoo and the Cuckoo is actually a bird found commonly in Europe. That little birdie that comes through the top hatch door the hour and half-hour on so-called clocks is a Cuckoo, plain and simple and they are a real thing.

Dave's cuckoo clock
Dave’s cuckoo clock

I don’t know how many times I have seen the word misspelled. How much more would a seller know about the clock if they can’t even spell the name correctly?

The name is not the only thing to snicker at, look at the price.

I got mine for free. I call it Dave’s clock, the name of the previous owner. It is a lot nicer than the one offered for sale and I’d sell it for a whole lot less than $300…… if I sold it!

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  1. Love it. And in timely fashion your post appears just as a friend has handed me for repair a cuckoo clock which he has inherited from a late aunt. I wonder how the seller of that cucuko clock would cope with announcing the maker of the one I have on my workbench – Shmeckenbecher. The possibilities are endless!

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