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I receive letters from all over the world asking my advice on a number of clock issues such as how a particular component of a mechanical clock should work, a clock repair challenge, how to address a particular repair or more basic things such as how to find a winding key that fits, how to wind a clock or set a clock in beat.

As comedian Dean Martin once said, “Keep those cards and letters coming”

In the past 4 years, I have authored over 400 articles that have covered a number of areas such as clock history, clock repair challenges and general clock articles but rather than direct questioners to use the search box (Search for clock articles using keywords), located to the right on the main page, I simply answer the question. It usually prompts a dialogue with more questions.

Veneering a cornice on a Seth Thomas shelf clock

Please drop me a line concerning your clock issue or give the search box a try; you might find what you need. One keyword should help in your search.

In-painting a clock dial

As American comedian and actor Dean Martin once said, “Keep those cards and letters coming”.