Re-organizing my office/shop

My clock hobby has evolved to the point that I am constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and adapt space to suit my needs. What began as an upstairs bedroom has become my office/shop for the past 6 years.

The acquisition of new tools and equipment means more space and, of course, more room for clocks.

This is how my office looked in 2014.

My workshop
My work area in 2014

In 2017 it began to evolve into a more usable workspace.

In the early days when I was building my collection, my work desk was lost in the room.

My work area in 2017

I liked this arrangement from 2017 but I found my desk too easily filled up with clocks though the natural light was good for working on movements.

In 2020, I decided to move my desk to a more central location in the room and relocate the computer adjacent to the window. Because I am still getting good light from the two windows in the room there is no penalty moving the desk to the new location. The hobby lamp certainly helps.

My Work area in 2020

My desk is clear of clocks and the shelf just above my desk meets my needs. However, after I installed the shelf I discovered that 6 feet is not nearly long enough.

New pine shelf to display clocks

My bookcase is now filled with clock supplies. One of these days I will inventory what I have and move some of the stuff I seldom use to my basement shop. Of course, I could continue selling off some of my clocks to make more space.

A crowded bookcase

I have no need or desire to move beyond the office space I have and by staying here it forces me to use the space more efficiently. Re-configuring certainly helps and as they say, change is good. The Taig lathe and the stereo stay where they are.

The room now feels more spacious and it is much easier to move around.

It could change in the future but for now, this is the arrangement that works best for me.