Tick Talk Tuesday #21 – What is my Ansonia schoolhouse clock worth?

Ansonia clock project is complete
Ansonia schoolhouse clock
Tick-Talk Tuesday is about the letters and comments I have received from you, the reader, concerning your clock, issues you might have had, challenges you face or a clock you would like me to profile and my responses to your questions with advice on your particular clock concern. For those comments and questions that stump even me, I consult within my clock circles for the best possible answer

JM says, “I have an Ansonia Octagonal Schoolhouse clock dated 1878 exactly like the one featured here. I also have the pendulum and key. It’s in good working order, but I am looking to sell it. I don’t know its value. I paid $500 for it in 1975. It’s a darker wood, the face is in good condition, and the description label in the pendulum area is intact. What would you suggest for a sale price?”

My reply. “First of all, I am not an appraiser but I have several years experience buying and selling clocks.

Very few clocks have retained their value over the years and the market generally is in a depressed state. The exception are high end clocks of special significance. Some common clocks that fetched high prices only 10 and 20 years ago are now at a fraction of their value.

Close up of clock face

Ebay prices typically are all over the map but I saw one, like mine, today (May 2019) for $125 plus $88 shipping. This is generally the price range though you will see clocks in better condition that might fetch upwards of $250. Unless your clock has special provenance I would say a price around the $125 range is fair. At the end of the day a clock is worth only what the buyer will pay. My advice is to keep it; you will never get what you paid for it.”